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Hello all, it’s that time of the week again. Since joining Team Cavaliere and River City Realty I have been told constantly from Vince and his team that we will get busier and busier. Well I can now say that, that time is here and it’s true. Over the past few weeks, I have noticed not only how busy our team and agents have been, but the market in general. The Kamloops Market, as of today, currently has 795 single family homes for sale, with it peaking just over 800 single family homes for sale last week. The homes around $400,000 continue to still be the most active. The Kamloops Market is quite strong, and our Team at River City Realty sees it remaining on the up slope as summer is just right around the corner. I did a little bit of researching and came

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Until working for River City Realty and alongside Vince and his team, I never realized how much behind the scenes work goes in to the sale of a home. Since working as a Marketing and Customer Service Coordinator I have learned how much legal paperwork there really is. You could say it is never ending! This reason alone is a good enough reason to find yourself a professional real estate agent that will guide you through the whole home buying and selling process. 

When you stop to think about how much they help, you may rethink the value of your real estate agent. Guiding you through every step of the process, agents explain the current market situations, and help you process the stacks of complex paperwork. They are always there to offer invaluable

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Real Estate and Dating: How they are Similar

Over the weekend, I was out with a couple friends having dinner and a couple sodas, and the topic of dating came up. We were discussing the topic of how persistent or careful you have to be with some girls. How soon or how often do you try to reach out to a girl? How frequent should you be trying to get a hold of her? You don’t want to look like the crazy guy that is trying so hard that the girl is completely thrown off and doesn’t want anything to do with you. At the same time, you don’t want to see that girl slip away with that typical guy you’d hate seeing her with. No one likes seeing this no matter what sex you are. I have been working beside Vince at River City Realty for the last five months and

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The Kamloops Real Estate Board residential sales statistics for April 2015 has been released, showing better than expected sales, compared to April 2014.  The number of single family residential sales was up by 9 units. The Kamloops Median Residential Price for single family homes is still $371,000 which was the same in April 2014. While these numbers are fantastic, we feel that the market conditions are very stable and inventory will continue to increase as summer approaches.

One of the most active areas in April 2015 was again Aberdeen which had 28 sales in April compared to only 17 sales in April 2014. Brocklehurst, North Kamloops, Sun Rivers, and Westsyde all saw an increase of single family residential sales compared to 2014. Aberdeen continues to

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