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Kamloops Expected to Experience Second-Largest Jump in Average Housing Price in 2019

By Chad Klassen -- February 25, 2019 - 3:46pm Updated: February 25, 2019 - 5:26pm Image Credit: CFJC Today

KAMLOOPS — The B.C. Real Estate Association has released its first quarter housing forecast summary and it's projecting a slight boost in the number of sales and a steady increase in the price of homes in Kamloops and across the province.

"We've seen a tremendous amount of growth the last few years, and the unemployment rate is incredibly low right now. So it certainly signals full employment in many sectors, which is certainly positive for consumers, for housing demand," noted the chief economist for the B.C.

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Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation sets target to make housing affordable for every Canadian by 2030

March 13, 2019 @ 4:31 PM by: Heather Francis



Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation sets target to make housing affordable for every Canadian by 2030

 A federal housing agency hopes to see every Canadian with an affordable home by 2030 and has offered up a plan full of experiments to make it happen.

 The Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp. said Friday that meeting that target will take help from governments and the economy — hence the aspirational nature of the goal.

We believe that everyone in Canada deserves a home that they can afford and that meets their needs. We also believe that we are in the best position to make

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Housing agency said Friday higher mortgage rates and other economic conditions have softened demand!

Source: The Canadian Press, March 08, 2019

CMHC Housing Starts 20190208

In this file photo a new home is being built in Vancouver, June, 12, 2018. The Canada Mortage and Housing Corporation said Friday the annual pace of housing starts slowed in February as higher mortgage rates and other factors softened demand. (Jonathan Hayward/Canadian Press)

The annual pace of housing starts slowed in February as higher mortgage rates and less stimulative economic conditions helped soften demand, Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp. said Friday.

The housing agency said the seasonally adjusted annual rate of housing starts fell to 173,153 units in February compared with

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Our REALTORS ® will always take the time to review and answer any questions you may have about a Title Search. However, sometimes you may want to know more or seek a second opinion on what the heck it all means. Tony Spagnuolo, President of Spagnuolo & Company Real Estate Lawyers, explains what you should look for when reading a title search in British Columbia.

Check out the link below...


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Home staging is all about depersonalizing and adding some new things to make a better impression on potential buyers. But most sellers either don’t put in enough effort or simply overspend on the wrong things. So, we’re here today to help you keep balance with these five home staging details that will totally charm potential buyers.

Replace old curtains and rods:

You may think that something as small as curtain rods might not make such a huge impact on potential buyers, but as a window treatment specialist, let me assure you that you’d be wrong. It is often said that the windows are the eyes of the home, so you can think of the curtain rods as the eyeliner or makeup that beautifies the overall appearance of the home. It’s details like these

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The president of the Kamloops and District Real Estate Association does not expect the city’s housing market to cool like those in other parts of B.C.

Doren Quinton told KTW February’s local real estate numbers were encouraging. “Last month was pretty stable,” he said. “It was kind of what we were expecting.”

Kamloops recorded 180 sales in February, down 8.2 per cent from 196 12 months earlier. Year-to-date sales are almost identical to 2018. New listings are down significantly, though — 248 last month compared to 348 in February 2018.

“Overall inventory is up 2.5 per cent, but we see that number decreasing because of the lack of new listings,” Quinton said.

The average home sale price in February was $422,573, compared to $376,217 the

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Spring Sprint Banner

Team Cavaliere—River City Realty is proud to present the Kamloops Spring Sprint 2017! We've chosen to sponsor this exciting event, coming up on June 11, 2017, for a variety of reasons: the most important being that we love joining in on the city's best community events! The race kicks off in the sparkling waters of the Brock Outdoor Pool on Fleetwood Avenue, continuing into cycling and running courses that wind their well-planned ways through North Kamloops against a gorgeous backdrop of clear azure water, sun-soaked patios, and lush mountains that presents the perfect distraction from your screaming thighs, burning lungs, and sweaty brow!

If taking part in the triathlon is something you're interested in, the first thing you should do is look at

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Low Housing Inventory Graphic

While Kamloops has an ideal variety of property types, one of the biggest buyer challenges is the city's current seller's market. Those who want to move to the city may be concerned about high buyer competition and limited opportunity to find the exact home they set their sights on. While you should never have to settle on a home that is anything but your dream come true, as a buyer you do have some challenges to navigate. On the other hand, those planning on selling their homes may be able to enjoy the benefits of high demand from buyers, competing bids, and the opportunity to have more control over the price their home sells for. If you're a Kamloops homeowner or you want to become one, here's what Team Cavaliere - River City Realty recommends when

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The May 9th provincial election is a perfect opportunity to address some of the critical housing issues in B.C., according to the BCREA publication, The Bulletin. The issue of housing affordability has been at the forefront of the discussions of many British Columbians, especially when it comes to lower-income demographics such as millennials and seniors, so the BCREA expects the topic to be discussed at length on the campaign trails of all major political parties over the next couple of months.

The best way that this issue can be addressed is by actively seeking the input of the public when it comes to potential solutions. The BCREA is a valuable contributor to the discussion on such solutions, believing strongly that "appropriate housing options

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Welcome to Kamloops, our precious hidden gem nestled in the middle of B.C.'s Southern Interior. We Kamloopsians are all too familiar with the many wonders of the city we call home, and when asked to pick the one place that we love most, many of us simply wouldn't be able to choose!

At Team Cavaliere - River City Realty, we are one of the many who would be unable to tell you just one part of Kamloops that we love best. That's why we want to give a tour of our city that doesn't only zero in on one, two, or three particular neighbourhoods; instead, we are going to show you every beautiful part of this town! Our tour is going to take you through the major geographic areas that make up Kamloops: the North Shore, the South Shore, and all the rest (which

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