Tips to Deal with Moving Stress

Posted by Vince Cavaliere on Tuesday, March 31st, 2015 at 10:51am

There are many ways to beat stress when moving but when in the process it’s easy to get overwhelmed.  Here are some helpful tips to make your move go as smoothly as possible.

  1. Make a list – Write down all the things that will need to be done during your move. To make it even easier, you can also make your list a timeline which will remind you when certain things need to be done.
  2. De-clutter – 20 years of stuff piling up in your basement? Clear it out!!!!! Before packing or during packing go through your items and donate or throw away the things you no longer use. Not only will this clear space for your new home, it will also help you feel good about the move.
  3. Ask for help – Don’t be afraid to ask friends and family for help, they have been there before too! Ask them if they would mind helping with packing or if you have kids maybe they could watch them for you while you pack. There are many ways people can help!
  4. Have a backup plan – Booked your moving company? Just to be sure, you can always book the Team Cavaliere moving trailer or ask Uncle Joe to help out in case of an emergency.
  5. GO WITH THE FLOW – Things can and will go wrong, you will need to be flexible and give yourself some room to deal with these little problems.

If you have kids:

  1. Give your kids as much information as possible about the move and make it understood that they can ask you any questions.  This will help your child feel more confident and can even be fun if they feel involved.
  2. Ask them to sort their own room or help organize their things.
  3. Make a “moving survival kit” box or have them make one that includes things your child will need in the move such as games, books, photos of friends, etc.
  4. If you have a baby or toddler try and have someone watch them for moving day.

If you have pets:

  1. If possible leave your pets at a friend or family member’s house until you have moved, if you can’t leave your pet with someone leave them in one room with some water and their toy while your stuff is being moved out.
  2. If you are moving far ensure you have blankets, food & water in the car for your furry friends!
  3. If your moves requires a big move or overseas. Your pet should be tattooed or micro chipped in case they get lost, your name & contact information should be clearly visible on their collar. There are also many doggy day cares around to help you out as well.
  4.  If your dog is staying with friends try to arrange the furniture before they get to the new home or keep them in empty water with water and toys.
  5. Stick to your pet’s regular schedule as much as possible, regular walks and play time will help them with the stress of moving.


  1. Move your furniture and larger items in first.
  2. The best place to start unpacking is the kitchen; you will need to eat at some point...  Start with the things you use most often and you can leave your special china and things you use less in boxes to be unpacked later.
  3. Next are the bedrooms, then the bathrooms (although hopefully you kept some toilet paper aside).
  4. Now that all your main rooms are unpacked you can focus on unpacking your office, rec room, etc.
  5. Once everything is unpacked or as you unpack each room you can decide where you want your pictures and decorations can go (the fun part!).

In the meantime, if you have any questions regarding the information provided or about the Kamloops Real Estate market, contact me or one of our experienced Team Members at River City Realty. We’ll be happy to answer any of your questions. We can be reached at 250-374-1925


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