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When you're selling your Kamloops home and planning to move it can easily become a stressful time in your life. Moving is more than just packing and paperwork - it's an emotional process. Here are a few ideas on how you can make the selling of your Kamloops home less stressful for you and your family.

Take Time Out

Don’t forget to take care of yourself and your family during this process. Take some time out to enjoy a movie, a meal, or any other activity the family would enjoy together. Stress is sneaky. It eats at us during the happiest of times! Any major life change is stressful, whether positive or negative. For your family, friends, or partner’s sake, be sure to deal with the stress as it happens. If stress is suppressed, it can wreak havoc both emotionally and physically and spread throughout your household. It's not a pleasant experience moving a grumpy family across town or across the country!

Respect Your Own Feelings

It's normal to feel unsure of your decision. With any major commitment, there are always second thoughts that make their way to our heads. You’ve probably heard the expression, “when one door closes, another opens”. Look at this move as a new opportunity - it's your chance to meet new people, begin life in a new environment and create a network of new friends and associates.

Conduct Research

Prior to your move you should do some research on your new community. Round up as much information as you can about your new area or city. What kinds of cultural offerings does the community have? Are all the community services and amenities you require close by? Are there any landmarks that you and your family would like to visit?

Envision Your New Home

How will you arrange your furniture? What pictures or art will look best in each room? What about closet space? A large backyard and/or swimming pool? Try to picture you and your family spending quality time together and enjoying your new home.

Remember to Have Fun!

Like the many challenges that you've previously handled, you'll handle this move just fine! Even if you are broke, take some time to go to a movie, go out for dinner, or even a picnic. Engage in fun activities that gets you and your family out of the house and away from moving boxes, paperwork, emotions and the pre-move concerns. Remember: the stress won't last forever. Regardless of the way you're feeling right now, you'll get the moving done, settle into your new home, and you'll be just fine. Everything will fall into place. While journeying into the unknown can be difficult, it's also very rewarding.

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