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You've established your budget, been pre-approved for a mortgage, contacted a real estate professional to assist you with the purchase of a Kamloops home - now the fun (and evaluation) begins!

You'll probably look at a few homes before you decide on the perfect one! Once you've found it, be sure to have an objective approach in your decision. On appearance alone, the fireplace, the new flooring, new paint job and new carpeting create a warm and inviting feeling - but is the home really that perfect? Take some time to think about the bigger picture of the home in terms of your needs. Carefully consider whether this home offers the features that will last beyond the first impressions.

Here are some essential factors to consider:

  • Location - is it the right one? Remember an established community with a good reputation, low crime rate, and well-maintained homes maintain home value! A garbage dump, industrial buildings, and major freeways surrounding your neighbourhood are unattractive and disruptive to a peaceful lifestyle, and bring down home value.
  • Consider the availability and cost of access to public transportation, major roads, and highways
  • Consider the condition of public areas such as streets, sidewalks, parks and recreational facilities
  • Ensure, if required, public services like street cleaning, snow removal, garbage collection, and emergency services are established.
  • Consider the convenience/efficient access to medical services, schools, recreational, shopping and entertainment

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