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Homebuyers don't quite see your home the same way you do. They can be very choosy when considering the present condition, neighbourhood, and the market price. An average buyer will view between 15-20 homes in Kamloops, ranking yours against all the that they've viewed. With this in mind there are some measures you can take to ensure your home is presented well to a potential buyer and to help you attain the best selling price in the shortest amount of time.

Be Clear About Why You're Selling

Knowing the reasons for your move determines everything from setting the sale price to allocating funds for repairs and improvements. Is the price you obtain more important than how long your home stays on the market? Or do you need to sell your home immediately? Each reason requires a different strategy. At the same time, you don't need to reveal your "why" to anyone. While you can always trust your REALTOR® to maintain complete client confidentiality, if someone else knows why you'd like to sell, something negative might be used as a bargaining tool at the negotiating table. If someone external wants to know why you're selling your home, politely respond that your housing needs have changed.

Conduct Thorough Market Research Before Setting Your Price

Establishing an asking price is an investment in your future. Find out what similar homes in your neighbourhood have sold for in the 6-12 months. You can use our Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) to help get a current property valuation. You should also check out the prices of homes in your area that are currently listed!

Your asking price should be within the range of similar homes in that neighbourhood. If it's too high or too low, buyers will start to question the reasons for this discrepancy and your home could end up staying on the market longer than you'd like. You may also have to adjust the price and end up getting less than you had hoped.

Find a Good Real Estate Agent to Represent Your Needs

A REALTOR® is your best bet. Your River City Realty REALTOR® has the educational background, the industry and community connections to work in your best interests and to serve your unique needs.

Maximize Your Home's Sales Potential

First impressions are absolutely critical, especially when it comes to real estate. The look, the feel, and the condition of your home promote an emotional response to potential buyers. Even before they walk in through your door, prospective buyers will try to imagine themselves living in your home. Just like a new outfit, buyers want to see if this home will "fit" them and their lifestyles. So clean everything until it sparkles, organize, pick up, throw away, scrub, scour, dust and disinfect! Be sure to complete all minor repairs on time. Buyers are especially keen on work that may need to be completed once they make the purchase.

Live in Your Home Until Closing

It may be tougher to sell a vacant home. Furniture, drapes, and all the assortment of daily activities go a long way to create the feeling of warmth and comfort in a home. To some buyers, an unoccupied home could be seen as forlorn or forgotten, and not as appealing. You might then have to reduce your price, depending on the buyer's wishes. At the same time, you're sending the message that you've already found a new home and you'll likely need to sell fast.

Stay out of the Way During Showings

When buyers view your home, gently remove yourself and allow buyers to feel at home themselves. By pointing out features, improvements, and decorating items that are meaningful to you, or you've spent money on, you could be seen as adding pressure to the sale. It's often best to leave the showing and allow the REALTOR® to showcase your space!

Ensure All Areas of the Contract Are Covered

It's in your best interest to disclose everything you know about the property. Failure to disclose something could result in costly delays, litigation, or even cancellation of the sale transaction of your home. Most importantly, if a buyer knows about an item, he or she has no future recourse. Be sure you understand all terms, costs and responsibilities related to your home.

Get Pre-Approval for Your next Mortgage

Prior to shopping for your new home, be smart and get a pre-approval letter from your bank and financial institution. This means you already have your financial matters in place and that you're serious about making an offer.

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