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Stage Home

Upon listing your home, interested home buyers will want to take a tour of the property. As buyers are thorough when it comes to inspecting homes, you'll want to keep everything in order at all times. While it may be inconvenient to be especially tidy during this time, you'll reap the rewards by presenting your home in the best possible light. When your home is clean, organized and in showing condition, it'll stand apart from the many others a buyer may have seen.

The first step to making your home ready for showtime is a lock box. This device makes showing your home very convenient. Other REALTORS® can show your home without having to locate the key each time. All showings are made through an appointment approved by you. Your REALTOR® will place your house key inside this box and attach it to a convenient area on your home. Only REALTORS®, bonded and approved by the local real estate board have an assigned code to access this box. Codes are changed each month and the box also records the codes of agents who have recently visited your home.

Your home should always be available for viewing as most agents will call you and give you a few hours' notice prior to showing your home to buyers. Be cooperative and unless absolutely unavoidable and try not to cancel the showing. Buyers like to see homes as soon as possible. This, however, works to your advantage. When a buyer sees a home quickly and likes it, there's a chance you'll get an offer sooner rather than later!

Treat Yourself

Buyers like to have complete access to your home. Some, however, may feel reluctant to view your home as thoroughly as they would like if the seller is at home with them. When you give buyers the opportunity to fully explore your home, you're sending a positive message — you have nothing to hide. When your home is being shown, take yourself out for coffee, go shopping, or take the kids to a park. If you have to be at home, be sure to remain in one room and out of the way. While it's appropriate to greet buyers at the door, don't volunteer any information. Simply say, “nice to see you,” and let the REALTOR® handle it from there.


Prior to the buyer's arrival, turn on all the indoor and outdoor lights — even during the day. At night, a well-lit home creates a lived-in, warm impression when viewed outside from the street. In full light, during the day, full lighting diminishes the harsh shadows created by natural sunlight. In full view, your home looks inviting, welcoming, and ready for a new buyer.


Avoid using scented sprays as they tend to be very obvious and in most cases, too overpowering. A buyer may get the wrong idea. Many people also have allergies. For a pleasant aroma, you can choose to have a potpourri pot simmering on the stove. Even better, keep the pot ready to simmer throughout the entire time your home is listed. It’s a simple matter to keep a potpourri pot filled with water and fragrance, rather than scrambling each time a different buyer visits. You might forget this important element to a successful sale. Another idea is to prepare some baking (either yourself or from a bakery) such as cinnamon rolls, or other aromatic bread products. Put these unbaked pieces in the freezer. Before you head out for coffee, set your oven on a low temperature (275 – 300 C) and let the baking warm your home. When you get home, after an hour or so, you'll have fresh baked goods waiting for you.

Pet Management

Be sure to advise your REALTOR® of any pets you own. If possible, try and have a neighbour or family member board your pet while you're showing your home. Pets may become confused and disoriented in the presence of visitors. When you're out of the house during the showing, perhaps you can take your pet on a little trip with you. If your pet must remain at home during the showing, try to keep it contained in the backyard or perhaps a specific room indoors for cats. Be sure to post a sign on the door, in consideration of your visitors, and the cat, who might be startled by noise and new visitors. They usually hide until things are back to normal!

Remove All Garbage

Be mindful of the kitchen and bathroom areas, the places where buyers tend to scrutinize the most. Be sure these areas are clean and disinfected prior to showing. All garbage should be removed, even if the garbage is kept under the sink. Buyers look everywhere. Kitchen garbage bags are an inexpensive item when you're considering the good impression you want to make on a potential buyer.

Keep Your Home Tidy and Organized

While it will take more effort than usual, keep your home clean and organized throughout the listing period. It's definitely worth it to get up a few minutes earlier to make the bed and wash the dishes. Pick up papers. Organized the mail. Throw out magazines or stack them neatly on the shelf. Dust and vacuum as frequently as you can. You want your home to look its best anytime a potential buyer visits and that could be only at an hour’s notice.

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