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save money

At first glance it seems like selling your Kamloops home yourself is a simple matter but the reality is selling a home is a complicated process and it's anything but easy. It can be time-consuming and costly if you settle for a price less than what your home is worth. Most of the errors made when individuals try to sell their homes themselves center around the following problems: 

  • Poor understanding about local market conditions and pricing
  • Poor understanding of how both the home buying and home selling processes work
  • Relying on inappropriate advertising and marketing that doesn't generate qualified buyers
  • Ineffective methods in determining qualified buyers

Why not consider enlisting the help of a REALTOR®? They hold regulated credentials and professional training on the following:

  • Handling all details involved in the sale of your home - paperwork, scheduling, marketing, leads etc.
  • Understanding current market conditions and have access to the most up-to-date information
  • Understanding real estate from both buyer and seller perspective, allowing you to be informed regardless of position
  • Familiarity and adherence to a professional code of conduct established by local and national real estate associations
  • Pricing your home realistically to obtain you the highest profit in the least amount of time
  • Experience in all sides of negotiation
  • Understanding and recommending the minor home improvements that can increase the profitability of your home
  • Placing and paying for the effective advertising needed to efficiently sell your home
  • Knowing how to screen potential buyers and eliminates the bargain shoppers
  • Knows and protects your rights
  • Recommending trusted lawyers, home inspectors, appraisers etc. who will take care of your interests
  • Submitting offers and negotiating prices at your approval
  • Handling all the daunting paperwork for transactions and ensures all parties who receive these file documents in an organized, thorough, and timely fashion

Further, a REALTOR® will offer you the following personal qualities that ensure the timely sale of your home:

  • Always on call - they will be available at the times that suit you and your family to show your home
  • Will listen to your needs and wants, and assist you in making informed decisions
  • Remain objective and professional when presenting offers and counter-offers
  • Create a demand for the sale of your home
  • Use their network of real estate resources to place your home before the most qualified buyers
  • Utilize experienced in resolving problems and issues to ensure successful closings

So while on the surface it may look as though a REALTOR® is an unnecessary expense, we strongly advise enlisting the help of one of our experienced professionals! Often times you'll find that REALTORs® can efficiently and effectively generate more traffic, more interest, and eventually more money for the sale of your biggest asset!